Looking at 2020 from 2023
Earlier this week I went to the launch of a new report from our friends at Storythings. The report, called ‘Scroll Stoppers’, looks at the ways in which…
It feels to me that a genuine sense of curiosity is the fuel that powers good, productive work. Without curiosity, people do the same things, in the…
I measured how readable the websites of some of the UK’s largest cultural organisations are. The results aren’t great.
Moving fast and slow. It seems there are two types of change you need to enact in parallel to maximise the effectiveness of your digital working.
I have started doing edited transcripts of my Digital Works podcast conversations, below is my conversation with the V&A’s Kati Price.
The real success boils down not to technology or finances, but to people, vision and culture.
It has been exciting and inspiring to see the cultural sector respond to the restrictions of 2020 and embrace the opportunities offered by…
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